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The brand                                                              The love story between Anna Ngann Yonn and the world of fashion started when she signed up with ESMOD-PARIS. Upon graduation, she returned to Cameroon where she opened her showroom 10 years ago and launched the Kreyann' Brand. With customers cuttin across generations and races, Kreyann' has succeeded in entering the international fashion world. Today, Anna Ngann Yonn is recognized as one of the leading designers in Africa. Her style, mixing elegance and news trends, plus originality, is widely acclaimed today. For her 10 year celebration, Kreyann' wants to seduce you once again with her latest collections: full of colours, tones that are only her own secret.            The designer'                                                  Shapes, fabrics and colors. As an experienced designer, Anna Ngann Yonn pays special attention to every detail of a creation.She loves original associations, permanently challenges trends and definitely registers her collections within modernity. The designer Anna Ngann Yonn mixes beautifully classical and fantasy influences to create kreyann's sober and refined style. Though Kreyann' symbolizes glamour and audacity, Anna Ngann Yonn, has made a point in designing clothes that are indeed wearable by every woman everyday and not just by the elite at special functions. It's been 10 years already, miles of silk, infinite rainbows of colors, beautiful and refined