Anna Ngann Yonn: talent and ideas

Anna Ngann Yonn: talent and ideas

Anna Ngann Yonn is a pioneer in Haute Couture in Cameroon. The stylist made a name for herself with her collection presented at the parade of Pan-African creators on November 23 in Dakhla. His style is a perfect combination of diverse cultures, refinement and elegance, not to mention the choice of materials, details and colors. "I love hot tones," she says, "especially the walleye alluding to Africa," the continent so dear to her heart. Back in Cameroon in 1995 after studying in Paris, Anna Ngann Yonn mounts a small workshop that she installs in the back of her garden. She is slowly forging a name by taking orders here and there. Then, "word of mouth has worked perfectly," she smiles, adding that the support of her fiancé (now her husband), her family and close friends has been a great contribution. It was not until 2001 that she created her brand Kreyann 'and opened her first shop in Douala. His collections are popular and are presented all over the world, from Paris to New York, through Abidjan or Mauritius. In 2011, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of her brand, she decided to set up a big event: the first professional show in Cameroon, which she named The K-Walk..

Ambition for strength 

Determined and reckless, Anna Ngann Yonn is the stylist who embodies Haute Couture fashion in Cameroon. The designer is at the origin of the first professional fashion show in her country and is fighting to structure the sector. Portrait.

Orchestrated every two years and for three days, The K-Walk has a different goal since the first edition: to emerge a culture of fashion in Cameroon through the presentation of collections of foreign creators such as South African Maxhosa by Laduma and Tanzanian Sheria Ngowi, in addition to the brand Kreyann '. But The K-Walk is also highlighting models of the country, the training of young women in the hairdressing business with the collaboration of L'Oréal in 2017 and the make up with Guerlain in 2015. "After this last initiative, a string of shops like Bar Beauty pushed, she says. The K-Walk has attracted vocations! "But despite the success of The K-Walk, Anna Ngann Yonn wants to stop it so that the Cameroonian government takes its responsibilities, qualifying the country as a poor relative in the continent. development assistance while generating income. But do not believe that the designer will turn the page. On the contrary, she intends to write a new chapter. His project ? A kind of platform highlighting African fashion and responding to the means of distribution, she said without wanting to go into more details. She is working on the subject. What is certain is that as always, she will go all the way.



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